I have been attracting followers. Diverse followers. Not even criminologists, or law and economics scholars, critical legal theorists or other unusual characters in the great and diverse menagerie of law. It’s a shame, because I welcome relevant comments on my posts by anyone who takes a genuine interest.

No, these new followers’ blogs have been completely unconnected with my musings, which, let’s face it, are a minority interest. Why, oh why, would they want to follow me?

The only possible reason is that they want reciprocal follows, or even mere viewing statistics. People, COME ON! This is quite pathetic. Build a proper network upon quality, not quantity. Anyone who scrutinises your pages won’t be fooled by these false and fraudulent inflations. At best you’ll look like you’re building a social network, not a professional one. At worse you’ll be dismissed as fake.

I will not be taking the bait. Move along, now.