About Me

Kitchen Smiley DRWBiographical Information

Derek Whayman, BA Hons (Cantab), MA, LLM (Leeds), PhD (Ncl)

Lecturer in Law, Newcastle University (present)

Postgraduate demonstrator (seminar tutor) at Newcastle Law School (2013–2016)

Part-time Tutor in Law at University of Leeds (2011–2013), Land Law and Equity & Trusts

Research associate at University of Leeds (2013), UN CRPD (Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) project for the European Commission

I am a recent convert to academic law, having read Mathematics in the dim and distant past. I took a Senior Status Law Master’s Degree at the University of Leeds, taking the top place in my cohort. My dissertation was published in the Journal of International Maritime Law.

My research interests are equitable duties, and particularly fiduciary duties. I am particularly interested in their theoretical underpinnings which are hotly contested by the courts and in academic journals. These theories which explain liability go a long way to describing its contours, and particularly the remedies available. My doctoral research was concerned with determining to what extent the traditional theories from which equitable liability has been constructed still validly describe it given the welter of recent cases.


Derek Whayman, ‘More Clues as to the Nature of the Remedy for Breach of Trust: Creggy v Barnett’ [2017] Conv 139–146

Derek Whayman, ‘Remodelling Knowing Receipt as a Gains-Based Wrong’ [2016] JBL 565–588

Derek Whayman, ‘Proprietary Remedy Confirmed for Bribes and Secret Commissions: FHR European Ventures LLP v Cedar Capital Partners LLC’ [2014] Conv 565–588

Derek Whayman, ‘The limits of foreseeability and The Achilleas’ (2011) 17 JIML 360–381



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